Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Platform Change... Again

So here we are starting a new year.  I've switched platforms for what I hope is the last time before I get something out and completed.  Because of the awkwardness of deploying the app with macruby embedded in the app, I have decided to go with an SDL on Objective-C solution.  This seems like a good mix of object-oriented language that still compiles and creates a reasonably sized binary.  I am now further along with this implementation than I have every been with any other.  I have asteroids and a ship the flies around!.  I'll post more on my progress later.


  1. Objective-C? Well now it's definitely not leaving the mac world. On the other hand, if you could somewhere post the elements, maybe someone could whip up a python/html 5 version that can be used everywhere...

  2. I have tested compiling the game on linux using llvm. It seems to run quite well. The problem with objective-c isn't so much that it is platform specific, but that it's class library (foundation kit) isn't. Lucky for me, the folks at http://gnustep.org have done the work to provide a class library for linux and windows. I have used this, like I said, to successfully compile the app on linux. I definitely considered html5, but found, at least in my opinion at the time, that the technologies just weren't quite there.

  3. I can only assume this is dead. Too bad.

    Jordan is rolling in his grave except he's not dead but anyway... glad you didn't use objective-c. that's the good news.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I saw that you are developing a port of Asterax for OS X. Any luck? I would love to play this game again. Please let me know. I can be reached at dragon212@aol.com.


    1. I am still working on this. I have a lot going on right now so it isn't getting much time but I haven't given up. I will update this blog as things happen.

  5. I started working on my own remake a while back, and got this far:

    I also had set up about half of the powerups, as well as lives, and health. Physics were still a bit off, and there is still a decent amount of work to be done. Engine was Unity, so it could be built on multiple systems.